Route Details:

Operator: Vy
Train Type: Regional Train
Route Length: 119.9 km
Travel Time: 60 min
Average Speed: 119 km/h
Maximum Speed: 160 km/h

Speed Profile:

Please note: Only the maximum speed of the rails are used for speed calculations. Because of signalling, individual maxspeed for different rolling stocks, tilting technology and economic reasons the actually driven speed can be different. Time needed for boarding is also not evaluated.

Railway Details:

Railway Operators: N/A (100 %)
Railway Users: N/A (100 %)
Electrification: 15000 V / 16.67 Hz AC (100 %)
Structures: 30.7 km in tunnels (25.6 %), 1.6 km on bridges (1.4 %), 87.6 km on ground level (73 %)
Gaps in Route: 0

Map of Route and Stops:

Train Details:

Train Image
Train Name: Stadler FLIRT 3 5-teilig
Train Type: Regional Train
Maximum Speed: 160 km/h
Weight empty: 130 t
Power: 2000 kW
Maximum Torque: 175 Nm
Maximum Brake Acceleration: 0.9 m/s²
Length: 98 m
Seats: 270